Making earrings berries without the use of pins

This type of earrings – a kind of interpretation of the standard assembly pins / pins earrings


we need to manufacture:

– Tools (pliers, scissors, crochet hook);

– Beads (in my glass);

– Connecting the ring 2 is not detachable and detachable 2;

– Leaves 4 or 2 pieces;

– Synthetic cord suitable diameter brown, black or green;

– A match or lighter, a candle at will;

– I brass


Cut the cord to pieces about 4-6 cm, can be all of the same lengths can be different, in my earrings different length to get a bunch of oblong. For a bunch of “Rowan” or “snowball” the desirability of the same length.

Next singe one tip so as to form a ball, which will not be included in the bead hole, giving the ball to harden! The second edge is without reserve ball.


We put on two beads on a string, after singing the second edge. Seared cord edge bead will not fall.

The resulting preform is passed in the one-piece ring with a hook for knitting, then top  fastening ring, immediately putting the leaves, leaf also can be inserted directly into the fastener, but this depends on the thickness of the connecting ring in my Shvenza failed because plump.


Admiring new clothes!


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