Painted bottle of wine

Cleanse themselves space on a table, be sure to place it, cover our great front oilcloth undress, as small mistakes can not be avoided.

I bought at IKEA a glass bottle with a ceramic lid.

Template do us.

To do this, print out any image on the Internet, do not worry, this is not plagiarism, repetition is not real.

How to move the picture on the bottle? Elementary! Mark the center and edge colors, I do it with the help of nail scissors, namely, cut pieces. In the lumen of the window – it is the white lines on the photo.


The bottle should be decreased. Take alcohol, isopropyl me, but it could be a regular nail polish remover with acetone. Cotton pads treat the entire surface. Do not leave fingerprints.


Then wrap a bottle of their template and fix the edges with tape (I used the paint so that later it is harmless to remove template). Thin marker mark up the points, centers of leaves and flowers, the composition of the future.


We remove our template and start noticing the image, draw marker colors, ie, rubbings from the template as we can ?

That’s what happened with me:


Take the contours, I use different colors and different firms. It outlines Nobby line, Mary, Stained glass – I do not like.

Gently pressing on the tube, draw the outline in our sketch. It currently is not pressed, we place at the table is not, in general, almost suspended.

Enough for today, the circuit must be dry. If you do not fall strictly along the lines of the original marker – do not worry, tomorrow by taking a cotton swab and Po masks UV it in alcohol, all visible marker line can be easily removed.

All manipulations of the first day it took me about 4 hours time.


Our circuits are dry, clean cotton swabs extra marker line. Take the paint and brush. Colors are also different from me and different companies, in principle, the same companies, as well as outlines. Base paints different – and water-based acrylic. Do not mix paints of different bases, they fold and bubbles. If you want to get a new color, you should mix the paint a base. By mixing can take palette by wrapping it with foil. The foil is sold in all hardware stores. Also, instead of the palette, you can use an ordinary box of chocolates or a pack of eggs, covered with the same foil. Brush only synthetic, no protein and goats ? I use a brush №1, №2 and №4.


We apply separately to each color evenly inside the contour. Brush wiping an edge that did not flow from it. I dried the hair dryer are shaded 2-3 linstock- land, briefly, about a minute. Then I turn, making the horizontal position of the next parts, paint, land, etc. Brushes wipe with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol.

Then take the next color of paint, and the process is repeated. Do not apply the paint twice on already painted and dried fragment as the bottom layer begins to wind down and reach for a brush. In this painting, it took me 5:00 of the second day and 3 hours of the third day.

Hooray! The paint dried up, now they need to fix the paint, so the bottle can be washed with a soft sponge with detergent in the operation. I use the transparent acrylic varnish Hobby line company. Do not apply paint to areas without a pattern, it is only necessary to fix the drawing. inflict as paints, no-frills.


If you did everything by the rules, then you should have something pleasant to the eye.And then calm wine each and put on the table guests. I promise you will admire and even envy!



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