Candlestick with salt




In this master class, I’ll show how to make a candle holder out of scrap materials. The result is a very nice candle holder, which is done in an hour. For the production of this candlestick, we need glass vases, bowls, glasses.Kley PVA, sea salt, paint, glitter.


We will need to a pro set sea salt so that we were only large crystals. I took, no perceptible two small glass bowls. And I decided to use them for making candlesticks, but any small glass jar.


We take our vase and it is well coated with PVA glue.


Then dipped a bowl into a salt so that it adheres to the entire surface of the vase. We leave to dry completely.


Next, we need water glass (ordinary stationery glue). We coat it with glue the entire surface of the candlestick. Since the salt will absorb the moisture, and our candle we will long to please.


While our glue is dry, sprinkle with glitter polish candle and leave to dry completely.


Now we send candlesticks in painting, even though they already look beautiful. I painted, airbrushed but can be painted and the usual . The paint should be thinned by more, to produce a darker color, you need to apply paint in several layers.






So you know how to make a candle. It remains only to put them in a small candle. These candlesticks perfectly decorate a festive table.

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