Masterpieces from plastic bottles

These beautiful products from plastic bottles.Even more admires the simplicity of their execution.these works once again filled us that true beauty in simplicity, and it sometimes so difficult to notice.


This kind of decoration for interior and often perform certain functions, such as curtains function. Products from bottoms of plastic bottles again resemble what masterpieces you can create virtually debris.








For example, a module of the discs and the plastic bottles you can do yourself.


To create such a great composition you will need:

1.two disposable bottles: for example, one white and one green
2.nail varnish or paint stained purple
3.elastic nylon thread
4.glue gun balls
6.flat brush
So everything ready, let’s get to work:

1.bottom and top of the bottle.


2. Cut the resulting cylinder so that they might obtain the unwrapped paper.


3. Draw a flower pattern, cut it out, put the plastic on the workpiece resulting image.


4. Then the cut petals of the bottles of green and white.

5. Now fold the petals in the center.


6. Paint the flowers stained glass paint or nail polish and let them dry. It will take approximately one to four hours.


7. After drying the absolute paste in the center of the pink beads or pellets.

8. On the back of the flower glue green leaves. Petal Top glue nylon thread the desired length.


9. Make a certain number of details – as long as you need it for your mobile.

10. Glue with hot melt glue three discs together. On one part glue threads from the flowers.

11. Pull the thread to hang in the center hole of the disk.


12. Slide the top part of the second disc. Discs should be shiny side up. Mobil your hands ready!

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