Drawing on the glasses

See how transformed transparent wine glasses modest ! Draw and its something uncomplicated …


Update boring glass, thus creating a collection – the idea is high if you want. And the need for its implementation of acrylic glass goblets, a few colored markers (with opaque paint) and a good imagination.


Style confetti – familiar LiRushnitsam point technique. We put the point, starting with a glass base and move to the top. Let’s add a few points of a different color – for emphasis. And yet!


Beautifully turned and colorful. While the glass is always an interesting effect is obtained, even if only just to add paint to the bottom.

Well, now it’s time to strip!


The strips will be alternated. Let’s start from the bottom, go to the top, alternating the colors. Yellow, blue, silver … Done!




The bands we draw to your taste: horizontal, vertical …


The last sentence – style fireworks. To do this, we simply draw a vertical line from the ground up to a third of the glass. Add another color, and – ready.




Agree glasses turned festive!




Good advice from the author: wash the glasses in the dishwasher can not. And to keep the water it is not necessary either. Just wash your glass under the tap and dry, then the painting will not be affected.

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