Vase turned out just amazing! Yes, and in every house of this vase newspaper tubes necessarily find application. Floor standing vases stand a lot, and so do beauty with a minimum of material costs


Welcome, needlewoman! Another vase intertwined, I want to show you and tell you how I create the shape of their vases.

I do a sketch in which, and I will weave


As usual start with the bottom


That’s the format I have an old lamp shade from the lamp, I put it on the bottom of a wicker (forgot to say

rack already raised and woven rope four rolls two rows).

Immediately add additional racks on photo2 ticked.


I begin to braid, short-tube rack stackable


Braided, I took out a form and once inside varnish (then it will be difficult to get to the bottom,

and even easier to weave a greater stability)


That’s what I use lacquer. It is odorless and dries in 30 minutes.


I take just such a tube is inserted inside the netting. Luck has dried up!


For the stability of the pipe dropped a bag of rice, begin to bend down a rack (if you look at the sketch, you can see that it is necessary to cool down as it is possible to bend down), start bending the rack braid.


Then (again looking at the sketch) that the tubes to bend not so cool down,

should be small stands above the pipes and tubes to touch the edge if they are shorter,

change ugol. several rows. At this point, you can remove the tube and woven plot lacquered inside.


I continue to stand plastic.Na photo1 does not bend down, stand-tube angle to align itself

(The pipe that does not press), propelled about this height and changing the diameter of the pipe,

(In my case it is the twisted roll of wallpaper in half-liter bottle for sustainability).

On photo 2 shows that the need to increase the short tube to stand all touched the edge of the wallpaper, or change the angle


Scourge narrowing rack in contact with the wallpaper, they create this altitude angle naklona.Na

I finished, took out the wallpaper, covered with varnish.


Cords intertwined four rows of four tubes, put in shape to expand and braided it.


So vase looks in the interior.


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