Just imagine how such a bird will look in the interior! Be sure to create such a) What is needed for the work? Paper, pens, acrylic paint, and glue. All is in every house.



The basis of the composition – Styrofoam egg

For the peacock, we need newspapers that need to crumple, giving shape

The beak peacock made of cardboard

Newspapers are wound with paper tape


For legs with wooden sticks, slats

Paws peacock – cardboard

Well, all the beauty of creating well-known to all lovers of weave from the newspapers – the newspaper tube

These are the feathers need to wring a newspaper tube

base composition – plastic coil

Peacock painted with black paint

These are the feathers used in the work:

The feathers are painted with acrylic paint “pearl”

The tail is gathered from newspaper tubes

Here is the secret) Very beautiful and decent work! Bravo!

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