Craft Decoration Weaving

weaving panels “Red currant”

In this shows the first part of the art of weaving panels “Red currant”.

In work using yarns “ROSE”, thin thread 50 g (150 meters) of red and green, as well as the thick woolen yarn.

On anchoring warp yarn thread turns 35 cm, the number of filaments depends on the berries. In this case, the thread on the right remains about 7 cm, this is quite enough (Follow the thread tighten just the same).

On the extreme left plet horizontal rep node (left thread).

While leaving the free end … and repeat the same node on another thread.

Now, the free end of the first strand is involved in the weaving of horizontal rep nodes.

Take the following thread, I continue …

And so on…

Here, I used 12 strands. Received … the height of the triangle – “height of berries”

Here, I used 12 strands. Received … the height of the triangle – “height of berries”

Now I pull together and tie a knot rep two ends of the main thread.

I flip, fix and the Scourge of Brides horizontal rep nodes, using as the main thread, the thread with the law. Left plet nodules.

Something like that…

Brides continue to weave of horizontal nodes rep …


Unnecessary thread to consolidate and cut cleanly. received…

Next, I use a thick woolen thread and secures it on the red knot.

With needle … fixed.

Further, the course is a green thread. Trim unwanted threads. The tail does not have to be long, I just do not be greedy …

Here are my berries. How many of them will participate in the work I do not know yet. Spun at 9, 10, 11. 12 threads, will be even bigger …

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