April 24, 2017 Craft


I suggest you look at a photo workshop on the original bottleĀ jute rope and colored twine. By the way, the idea can be adapted to weave lovers from newspaper or

April 22, 2017 Craft

Hyacinth from Foamiran.

Cut out foyamiran by the pattern of flowers – 25-40pcs. Toning along each petal. Using an iron, we model the petals. Finely chop the yellow foamiran and paste this thread

April 22, 2017 Craft

Painting from Wool Grapes

we start with a thin layer of white wool. Thin strands trying to evenly lay out the entire surface of the future picture. Spread all the hair in one direction.

April 22, 2017 Craft

How to make ginger flower

It will take a fame of Iranian or Chinese (not in any way, not zephyr) red, wire, acrylic colors of white and dark red color, a thermal gun and these

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