May 26, 2017 Craft

How to make bird

All that is needed – it’s feathers. I had only the red of the old carnival costume, but a lot :), so the bird has turned red … From a

May 2, 2017 Craft


This Birds Tree Wall Decoration DIY tutorial is the cutest one we have ever seen! It’s definitely worth the try as you just need a bunch of pistachio nuts and

March 15, 2017 Craft


For the production of birds we will need to be colored paper, I  paper for pastels and colored office, glue, scissors and a lot of patience)))) First, you need to

March 1, 2017 Craft


At this time I found a new use – turn over its feathers to., and if there is a tail, so to himself peacock! Bird.request of Lesia. Screw Circuits. COMBINE.

December 26, 2016 Craft

White doves paper

For the manufacture of the birds of the world need a little patience, inspiration and some materials: A4 sheets, stationery glue, scissors. 1. The photo shows the figure of a

October 2, 2016 Craft

Feeder Bird with newspaper

Your home can become the preferred point of roundness of the birds if you do several of the bird feeders with paper, you also reuses other recyclable materials and so