January 8, 2017 Craft

Candlestick made from cardboard

Required materials: Disposable little candle, Wire Adhesive Black paint Gold, silver or copper paint Scissors, Piece of corrugated cardboard and ordinary, Flowers and other knick-knacks to decorate (In this case,

December 16, 2016 Craft

Beautiful festive CANDLESTICK

See how to make a very beautiful, HOLIDAY CANDLESTICK own hands from plastic bottles! In a video provided by the idea of the color gamut of the candlestick, but you

October 24, 2016 Decoupage

Candlestick “Little House”

For work, we need: 1.Glasses (choose a size such that the candle does not touch the glass walls); 2.free-slider ; 3.paints and contours at calcination; 4.auxiliary materials (liquid for degreasing