corrugated paper
June 23, 2017 Craft

How do I make a strawberry

Good evening! Today will tell you how I’m doing here a strawberry. All very easy and simple! Materials: – paper strips; – PVA glue; – semolina; – wire; – teip

May 27, 2017 Craft

Corrugated paper Flower

The corrugated paper – very easy and simple, you only need to understand exactly how this is done) Flowers turn out very beautiful, they can be supplemented by decorative compositions

March 8, 2017 Craft


So we do prepare twig (wire, wrapped with corrugated paper and funnel of 0.5 rolls strips 3mm. Wide) still, leaves cut out in three sizes (corrugation. Paper glued twice) and

February 26, 2017 Craft


Need cones, wire, corrugated paper, salt dough bowls. Take the simple cones. I’m from the pine. Paint them first in white. And then the one that is necessary, so the

February 7, 2017 Craft

corrugated paper flower

I was looking for something interesting to work with children, I remembered the picture and caught fire in the technique. I looked through all her pictures on the Internet, and

February 7, 2017 Craft


Good day to all! With great pleasure to present you a very nice rosettes, make that you will be able to chat today) need only go to the grocery store

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