June 23, 2017 Craft

How do I make a strawberry

Good evening! Today will tell you how I’m doing here a strawberry. All very easy and simple! Materials: – paper strips; – PVA glue; – semolina; – wire; – teip

June 19, 2017 Craft

Flowers from circles

First, we need to prepare circles of paper (I did punch) and toned edges. All circles folded in half Take a circle, the middle note on it and begin to

June 19, 2017 Craft


materials: acrylic paint, glue, paper, brush, decoration, linen cord, scissors, a small mirror, a form of the base frame…. Hours: 3-4 hours. Difficulty: 1 This is what happens Twist the

June 7, 2017 Craft


Continuing the theme of the framework is such a composition. The paper should not be smooth, but rather a relief, then there will be the effect of braided strips .

June 7, 2017 Craft

Mosaic frame for photos

I love it when the house are photos in frames, when the best moments in life always in mind. Soon it will rest on the sea, which means that there

June 5, 2017 Craft


jute yarn (twine as it does not sound) .. with the bottom … moved to the bottom of the vase. Stepping back a distance which seemed sufficient for a picture

June 3, 2017 Craft


colored office paper pile into two parts, and pick up a mug (draw roundels) The resulting rods of add up on floors again and again (to 8 pieces) the pencil

May 26, 2017 Craft

How to make straw flower

Materials 1. 8 straw 2. Scissor 3. Glue gun 4. Cotton balls wrapped with white plastic carry bag 5. Glass beads or mustard seeds 6. Iron wire 0.3 mm and

May 24, 2017 Craft

Flowers of thick paper

How many saw the different colors from different masters, made of paper, had never seen so beautiful and realistic! For the manufacture of colors you will need: – Thick colored

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