June 22, 2017 Craft

Giant Vase

you can use the cardboard circle. It’s faster. Small stands halves of the sheet magazine, newspaper first weave tubes (1 \ 5 of the sweeping of the page) Raise the

June 5, 2017 Craft


jute yarn (twine as it does not sound) .. with the bottom … moved to the bottom of the vase. Stepping back a distance which seemed sufficient for a picture

May 23, 2017 Craft

Vase of twine

We choose a bottle for a vase, I made out of a plastic bottle: To make it easier to apply the twine I taped to the bottom of the circle

May 23, 2017 Craft

Delicate vase

Plastic bottles – a valuable material for handicrafts and art! They are in almost every home but do not rush to throw them away, a little imagination and unnecessary plastic

May 4, 2017 Craft


We need: mesh pink and white color for packaging fruit, green plastic bottle, a cocktail stick, vase. 1. Produce the middle of a flower. Cut mesh pink 2 halves, one

April 29, 2017 Craft


So, to work we need two cardboard circle to the bottoms (it can and weave), 46-50 rolls of the same color and 15 tubes of a different color. Of course,

April 16, 2017 Craft


This vase I made from waste It all started with the fact that my mother from the street brought a balloon, which is carried by the wind and washed her

April 8, 2017 Craft


Many people like pistachios. Do not dispose of waste. This shell. It can nicely fit into your interior. Ask how? It’s very simple. Plastered, jar or another suitable container of

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