Back Neck Blouse Designs

There are different kinds of blouses, and women usually go with the current trend. But if you must know that blouses have never failed to impress are still going strong. They are very popular, and almost every woman has one and is a part of the staple blouses worn for every kind of saree. These blouses have been there for long. Using natural dyes for eco-friendliness and handmade wooden blocks make this unique yet fulfilling way. To make patterns that have a story of their own in the way they are printed onto the fabric. It, in turn, is cut and sewn into a masterpiece of a blouse that you get to flaunt.

A lot of patterns are put out on these blouses, some earthy, some bold, some delicate, and some abstract. But each has its beauty and makes a statement of their own when made into a beautiful blouse that you get to wear. The true craftsmanship can be seen, and you get to know where the name of the art form is got.

















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