Bridal Makeup and Traditional Jewelry Ideas

When we hear someone talk about a  south Indian fashion, we can’t help but think about the colourful sarees, traditional music, and of course, the opulent South Indian bridal jewellery. Right from earrings and necklace to a Kamarband and Bajuband. Since they have a lot of ceremonies, and each one of them requires the bride to wear different jewellery, just guess the amount of gold the bride gets to buy (we’re jealous too!).

And you know what’s the most intriguing part? There is a large variation among the different cultures in the five southern states, leading to a sea difference in the bridal looks here. This means a difference in dressing styles, different ceremonies and different kinds of south Indian bridal jewellery even though the Gajra is a common hair accessory among all of them, it is the real gold jewellery that makes the distinction.