Casual Kurtis

When it comes to festive territory, the newfound floor length suits and long gowns are taking over all fashionistas by storm. This season, even salwars and sarees are left out.

However, when it comes to casual or even office wear, Kurtis is still taking a stronghold among women. Of course, none of the other silhouettes could compensate the comfiest feeling you get while wearing simple cotton Kurti.

Besides Kurti needs less maintenance compared to its peers (Read: salwars here). And not to mention the fun you have with them by pairing it with different pants and scarf to achieve new look each time.

For instance, a Kurti that look simple and plain with a legging might look uber cool with a palazzo. You could even wear the same with a skirt or jeans or as a standalone dress. In short, there is so much excitement in styling these tops.

When Kurtis offers such versatility to your style, don’t you think you need some stylish pieces on your closet to get the most voguish look from it?

Yes, if you feel that all your Kurtis look more or less the same, and you are quite bored out of all the usual designs







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