Gorgeous Kerala Sari Blouse Design

Kerala Saree ( Kasavu Saree) is a handwoven fabric in an off-white hue with gold border. It is worn by Malayalee women during their traditional moments.

However, the beauty of these sarees is quite popular down south, and you can see a huge fan following all over the southern states in India.

These sarees are practically a treasure for women who like to be creative in their dressing. Because it is one of those kinds of saree which can literally be worn with any blouse and create a new look each time.

This versatility often continues to fascinate women who have a special place for sarees. Besides, these handwoven sarees gives a classic appeal when worn with traditional jewellery. So, this gives us all the more reason to add this in a must-own-no-matter-what list. One great aspect of this saree is how you pair them with pretty blouses. So, today let’s check out some cool blouse designs and ideas that can completely flatter this beautiful sarees.











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