Haldi function dress ideas

If you are an Indian or have an Indian acquaintance wherein you have attended an Indian wedding, then you must know that Indian weddings are all about lots and lots of functions, hippy music, lavish food, over the top décor and the custom Indian rituals which have been following for the longest possible time one can remember.

And one of them is the quintessential, Haldi Ceremony.

It is one of the most fun-filled yet one of the emotional functions to make memories with the bride.
But what is this haldi ceremony and why is it significant enough to be worth considering?

The Haldi ceremony is simply about applying a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, some oil, and rose water to go off of any negativity, to fill positivity, to add glow, to purify soul, and also to symbolize blessings whosoever applies it to the one getting married.

It is believed that the ingredients that go into the paste bring an uncanny glow to a bride’s face.
















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