Latest Stylish Kurti Neck Designs

Kurtis is now the most popular desi wear all thanks to its comfort and versatility. Kurtis can be paired with a variety of different bottoms like Patiala, leggings, jeans and even skirts to suit your personal taste and style. If you want to really make an impact with your Kurti looks then it is best to experiment with different necklines and hemlines.

I personally prefer hemline experiments and have tried many different hemline Kurtis like the trail cut kurta, step cut, asymmetric hem etc but now that I am bored of all hemline variations I decided to try new neck patterns and designs. Turns out there is an array of different interesting neck designs available and even neckline variations can help you make a statement. The best thing is with different and unique neck designs you can maintain a fresh impact every day and have an overall stylish persona.















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