Net Blouse Design

Net blouse designs are a huge range in the ethnic fashion world right now! They have a dainty and feminine look, which makes these net blouse designs a perfect fit to pair with all kinds of sarees.

The concept of pairing a traditional saree with a very ‘English’ looking Lace blouse, was introduced by the women of the then aristocratic families. Since Lace was very expensive in those times, these ladies considered it as a privilege to wear them and seamlessly blend it with the Indian attire. Later, many celebrities and even common women followed this classic trend. Let us now see how you can replicate similar looks by learning their features, styling tips, along with 10 latest lace blouse designs to draw inspiration from.

The Indian saree is all about celebrating the essence of womanhood. What better way to complement this experience than with the delicate beauty of Lace Blouses? Known for its dainty, pretty look, Lace has been an eternal favourite with the woman of all classes. The fine art of making Lace was introduced to India in the late 19th Century and since then, it has become a mainstream fabric in the country.

















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