20 Simple Blouse Back Neck Design

Although cotton sarees might seem like fading away, a right blouse can always bring back its shine. Sometimes, a blouse is all that you need to make your saree to be prominent and stylish.

An intricately crafted blouse with perfect colour coordination is prone to make the attire completely trendy. A great blouse has three astounding properties, the colour, pattern, and of course the neck design.

Cotton sarees generally tend to make you look dressed down but, the blouse seals the deal. The right blouse can add style, grace and elegance to the saree thereby, elevating your overall style. Cotton sarees can never go unnoticed if they are buckled up with the perfect blouses.


However, selecting the right design might be very tedious. The design of the back neck is one of the most important considerations while choosing a blouse. It is necessary to keep in mind that perfect neck designs for cotton blouses should be simple with less of embellishments and more of flattering back opens and cuts.

To guide you on that, check out 20 simple blouse back neck designs that would go completely well with any of your cotton sarees.

This is one of the most classic back neck designs that go perfectly well with every cotton saree. If the borders are played around with, it could add greater charm to the overall outfit. The blouse adds a classy and retro look.


The back neck is partially open and adds appeal to the saree. A cotton saree draped around this blouse would look sophisticated and yet understated. The speciality of such blouses is its effortlessness.

This blouse with its deep cut ‘V’ shaped back neck looks completely flattering when paired with a plain cotton saree. The borders can be overdone and yet, the look would remain plain and elegant. The pattern can be altered as per your saree, making it a perfect match for any kind of cotton drape.

Nothing can beat the essence of a fully covered, high collar blouse. The sleeve length and pattern can be adjusted as per the needs, and the collared blouse adds a sense of elegance to the outfit.

Contemporary and modish, this blouse is very appealing. It gives a look at the late ’80s. The blouse is a perfect example of preserving old fashion in a trendy way.

A buttoned-up blouse, with a simple oblong cut out, is sure to seize anyone’s attention. The buttons add a completely new look to the apparel. It perfectly alters the look and gets up by remodelling an old cotton saree into a new sense of fashion.

A plain blouse part, with minimal back neck combined with patterned sleeves, is probably the best catch. It can be matched up with any cotton saree and, the austere design lets the saree come out as modest and graceful.

The most minimal, plain blouse with a simple stencil, is all for those who love simplicity. They are best for pencil figured women, capturing the total beauty of the saree. A completely plain saree with a contrasting colour would fit in flawless with such a blouse.

It is one of the most summer-friendly blouses back neck designs one could ever find. The short and negligible sleeve adds to the charisma. A simple hooked blouse, perfect with any cotton saree is all one you could wish for.

Another ‘V’ shaped back neck, with a bow at the end. These blouses come in handy when you cannot decide on what to wear. They can brighten up any cotton saree and lifts your entire style in a matter of minutes.

The back is completely covered and the cotton balls make it seem as though it is buttoned. This artifice does complete justice to the blouse as well as to the saree. They are perfect for formal occasions and can be paired up with a simple cotton saree.

The small diamond cut out as a back neck design, is great for a simple and fashionable look. The single studded button at the top adds to the look of the entire blouse. The pattern can be played around as per your creativity to achieve the perfect piece of blouse.

Collared blouses have an appeal of their own. They add an entirely new level of sophistication to the overall outfit. Random cutouts can seem astounding when paired with the perfect saree.

Here below is one of the most basic blouses for any cotton saree. The buttoned back is an added advantage since it adds up to a well-organized look. The simplicity of the blouse steals away anybody’s attention at a meet-up.

Another buttoned, almost fully covered up back neck design. The most appealing part of this design is its unordered position of the buttons. They can even be arranged in an asymmetrical manner to add more to the outfit.

A plain blouse, with filled sleeve and a matching design on the back. It is one of the most trending designs, and can go flawlessly with a plain cotton saree.

A new look of the boxy back neck design is always welcomed. This stringed back neck has its own allure that is unmatchable. The buttons add up to the look, thereby making the outfit more appealing.

This simple yet elegant design is sure to get into the trending list soon. The gap in the back neck is minimal and is perfect for the sophisticated look that you’ve been waiting for since so long.

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